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SCP-2430 Immortal Hitler Clone is a humanoid entity with a physical appearance identical to the late Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945), measuring at 173 cm in height and 72 kg in mass. Its internal body systems are consistent with those of non-anomalous humans, although its organs are functionless. SCP-2430's physical state deviates from non-anomalous humans in the following aspects:

DNA analysis indicates that SCP-2430's genetic makeup is derived from a combination of Sus scrofa (wild boar) and Capra aegagrus hircus (domestic goat). Furthermore, SCP-2430's skeletal system is identified to be an amalgamation of bones from eight different individuals. The identities of these individuals are unknown.
Brain matter is composed of a mixture from a specimen of S. scrofa and C. aegagrus hircus.
No requirement for food, water or air, despite the presence of a digestive and respiratory system.
Modifications to its nervous system such that pain sensitivity is heightened.
Lack of hair follicles; instead, synthetic hair strands have been attached onto SCP-2430's head and face such that they resemble the late Hitler's hair and mustache.
Inability to produce speech.
Traces of potassium cyanide and lead fragments identified in SCP-2430's bloodstream and subcutis respectively.

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