Graduation Scare and Nagahama Neru Photobook Controversy - AKB48G News of the Week


  • Release Date: 11 Nov 2017
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This is the weekly show where I talk about the news surrounding the Japanese Pop Idol Group named AKB48. I also talk about the sister groups and rival groups like Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46) and Keyakizaka46 (欅坂46). I will be covering many topics surrounding them this week. I may not cover every single piece of news that surrounds them, but I talk about some of the more interesting news pieces that I find.

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Kashiwagi Yuki Not Participating In Next Sousenkyo

AKB48 50th Single Coupling MV
Team 8 -
New Unit -
Dance Unit -
U-17 -
STU48 -
No Vocal unit MV

NMB48 and Heather Diary Fashion Campaign

NGT48 Sekai wa doko made aozora na no ka? MV with English Subtitles

Miyawaki Sakura in Shanghai Love Map Chinese Drama

Ota Yuuri On Lefty Hand Cream Youtube Channel
1. StaRt (Mrs. GREEN APPLE) -
2. Samenai (Spitz) -
3. Ai (Sukima Switch) -
4. Nandemo Nai ya (RADWIMPS) -
5. Sugar song and Bitter step (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN) -
6. Haikei, Itsuka no Kimi e (Kankaku Piero) -
7. Aoi Bench (SASUKE) -

Abe Maria Performs in Final AKB48 Stage

Tanaka Miku Graduation scare?
Translated by @ithebigc

Kinoshita Momoka Returning to Show Business with Fashion Brand and Band

Nogizaka46 Rhythm Festival Rhythm Game App

Tokyo Dome Recap

Nogizaka46 Information on AFA

Nogizaka46 in Singapore Event To Be Broadcast on M-On!

Yoda Yuki Pushes Back Photobook Release Date Until December

Watanabe Rika Photobook Cover and Title Revealed

Nagahama Neru Photobook Cover Revealed

Keyakizaka46 Discovery Website and Information
People who worked on the site:

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