Surfing in Mumbai, Rajodi Beach

ChelC FrosT

  • Release Date: 26 Jul 2018
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Surfs up, Mumbai!
You'd never think Mumbai could ever be a surf destination, thanks to the wonderful beaches in the city which make you question your sanity about even wanting to get into the water. When @wannabemaven told me there was a surf school being set up at Virar and that there are surfers in the city looking to establish themselves, I quickly took a train ride to Virar, then a tumtum to Satpala and met Suyash, owner of @mumbaisurfclub who just made it such a great experience with his story of surfing in his backyard aka Rajodi Beach and his impressive journey to getting this school off the rocks and onto the beach -- honestly, for me, getting back into the water was a priority.
Each month I wanna surf once and make sure I'm getting as many hours as I can. Suyash was wonderful throughout that two hour experience, as you can see the waves and water were choppy and I was more off the board than on it. But what a friggin experience!!! I can't wait to go back!

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