2. Let Me Entertain You (Queen-Live In Buenos Aires: 2/28/1981)


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After the NOTW concerts, and its respective debate, it is now time for some "random request" concerts! This first concert was requested by a specific friend of mine, who likes to make fun of me 24/7! This is Queen's first show in South America (and the first of 3 Buenos Aires shows the band will play). This concert came straight from a soundboard, so the quality is excellent (though slightly distorted in places). This concert is slightly incomplete (Get Down Make Love and God Save The Queen are missing), but at least we've got a good portion of the show! There are some moments throughout, where the band (mostly Freddie and Brian) seem nervous, but that can be excused due to the fact that they are playing in South America for the very first time. Freddie's voice is in great shape for this first show (and he'll get stronger on the future shows), and the rest of the band put in great performances!


1. As usual, Freddie makes up lyrics during "Need Your Loving Tonight."

2. Freddie delivers great versions of "Play The Game" and "Death On Two Legs."

3. For all of you Brian May fans, his guitar solo is in STEREO (because of the soundboard)!