Alan Silvestri - The Avengers Main Theme (piano solo)


  • Release Date: 17 Mei 2012
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Music Video


Finally, another video, horray, and it's actually my first video using Cyberlink PowerDirector to edit the video instead of just windows movie maker. I must say i can do a lot more with it and it makes it easier XD.

So yeaaah, the Avengers! I knew it was going to be a kick-ass movie since Joss Whedon was directing/writing it, but man did it really blow me away. I'll admit that the score didn't really grab me immediately, but the music was gradually building up and up until the climax when everything just went crazy bananas. One thing i liked was how other than the short snippet used in the title screen, the main theme wasn't really used throughout the film until the end when all the Avengers joined together, and that was when I was thinking "awww yeaaah, this is awesome". It's melody is simple, yet very bold and gives that epic, heroic feel.

So after my finals were done I found this really good video by a guy named joris who actually took the time to transcribe the main theme, and just spent a few days playing with it. It was really well done and I probably wouldn't have done this video without it, so props go to him. His video along with the sheet music can be found here:

I made a few minor changes here and there but it's mostly the same. Some of the chords near the beginning I had to make smaller cause my hands don't have as big of a reach, and just some other small differences here and there.

Oh and that thing on my piano stand? That's my arc reactor I modified from those Iron Man 2 toy ones. Had to utilize my EE skills somewhere. The original toy came all red and with weak yellow LEDs, so I just removed the LED board inside and soldered some bright LEDs and a switch directly to the battery tabs, then spray painted the outside metallic silver. I was contemplating wearing it into the theater, but decided against it, although i did keep it with me XD.

A good tutorial can be found here

So yeah that's basically it. Hopefully videos should come up a bit more frequently now for a while anyways since summer break is here, although i still have my job, but still! then AX, and comic-con, woooooo XD