the lost child by mulk raj anand short story for class12 up board

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the lost child by Mulk Raj Anand
The underlying theme of the story " The Lost Child " is the universality of a child's desire for everything that he claps his eyes on. All that the child witnesses from the toys lining the street, to the dragonflies in the mustard field to the snake swaying to the tunes of a pungi obsesses the child.It is a visual assault on his senses. He looks at everything in wonder, his senses almost rejoicing being alive.His parents, on the other hand, are like a parental control filter, abstaining him from the lures of the illusionary world as if secretly knowing that what he needs most is entirely something else. A quiet reminder that the child must learn to prioritize whats important and whats not in life. In the end, when the child loses his parents he understands what his parent's silent gestures and reprimands were trying to teach him. He realizes now that what he wanted most was his parents. He continuously refuses everything that the kind stranger offers to console him with - exactly the very same things he was goading his parents for moments ago. Within minutes his life changes and offers him an entirely new perspective of looking at life and understanding it for what it really is.

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