Build a mud fort


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Build a Mud Fort with your preschooler this Diwali. Here's how you can make one very very easily!
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Laugh with your Child, learning follows!

We are an exclusive Club for Parents with children in the ages of 2-6 years. The focus at the Club is all about ‘PLAY’. Play all that you want, Play all that you can, with your child. We facilitate the ‘Play’ for your child and you anytime, anywhere.

Wondering why you need someone to help you Play with your Child? Is your Play restricted to ‘Educational Toys’ or Activity Classes? Do we as Parents tend to dictate Play when we are sitting with our child? Are we one dimensional in our methods when it comes to playing with the toys we have? Are we not always looking for things to play with the child and places to go on weekends with the child?
Join our world of Play Parenting where Play is organised for you all through your week at home and outside. Play that has Discovery built into it. Play that has room for creativity, thinking and exploring. When your child plays to discover, explore, think and create, learning follows.

Get your Invite to the limited membership at Candy Cane Club and quit planning What to Play, What to Buy and Where to Go with your child.

How do we do it?
- We convert all your daily chores into fun and Play, whether it is meal-time, school-time or nap-time.
- We conduct discovery based treasure hunts inside your own house for your child and you on the weekends.
- We create discovery based experiences for your child within your City.
- We create Play Dates for your child and you with like minded Parents and - their children.
- We hand pick toys and books that are absolutely appropriate for your child’s age and level with the convenience of buying at a click.

How all of this helps you?
- All the Play that we create for you in and outside your house become an indirect means of a good conversation between you and your child.
- You are always amazed at discovering the true potential of your child.
- You enjoy your child the way you used to enjoy your nieces and nephews!
- You see your child becoming smarter by the day through constant exploration.
- You socialise with like minded mums and dads while your child learns to socialise with other kids their age.

So what are you thinking? Join the Club and Let Your Child Discover The World Around Him While You Discover Your Child.

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