13 Reasons Why S2 I Let You Down

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  • Release Date: 26 Mei 2018
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"Guys make the situation bad, you don't know what that feels like."

I have so much to tell about this video. Last year when the first season of 13 reasons why came out, I loved it and this year i loved the new season too. I think this show really affects me because it tells me the sad reality of life and yes sometimes it's too graphic but how are we gonna talk about those things if we even can't see them happening. I think rather than talking bullshit about this show we should appreciate that it initiates a conversation about the stuff we are too fucking scared to talk about. Anyways i tried to include most of the intense and sad scenes from 13 reasons why season 2 because i too want to start a conversation. Like we now know in season 1 hannah didn't tell the whole story but in season 2 it finally comes out, as because no one is perfect everyone has their own flaws, and like alex sometimes i'm fucking broken too, but i still try to be positive and i think this series shows that in a way.

Hope you guys like it. Thanks for the support.

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Fandom : 13 Reasons Why.
Song : NF - Let You Down.
Program : Sony Vegas Pro 13.
Coloring : Gemstone.

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