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  • Release Date: 26 Sep 2018
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Story Name : चींटी का प्रतिदान / The Ant and The Dove/ चींटी और कबूतर
Category : Baccho ki kahani / Fairy tales in Hindi / Fables in Hindi
Yeh hai hindi kahani baccho ki . Hindi Story for children || Panchatantra ki Kahaniya

Audience : Mainly Kids but suitable for all who loves fairy tales.

We have placed this cartoon under the name of Baccho ki kahaniya

The Original story was told by Aeshop. And that was like...
On a hot day of summer, an ant was searching for some water. After walking around for some time, she came near the river. To drink the water, she climbed up on a small rock. While trying to drink a water, she slipped and fell into the river.

There was a dove sitting on a branch of a tree who saw an ant falling into the river. The dove quickly plucked a leaf and dropped it into the river near the struggling ant. The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed up onto it. Soon, the leaf drifted to dry ground, and the ant jumped out. She looked up to the tree and thanked the dove.

Later, the same day, a bird catcher nearby was about to throw his net over the dove hoping to trap it. An ant saw him and guessed what he was about to do. The dove was resting and he had no idea about the bird catcher. An ant quickly bit him on the foot. Feeling the pain, the bird catcher dropped his net and let out a light scream. The dove noticed it and quickly flew away.

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